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Procedural Tentacle Rig System

A procedural rigging system focusing on tentacles for an octopus model

Complete Octopus Rig


Complete Rig Demo

Auto Tentacle Demo

Description: This rig is built for a semester-long 3D animtion project. 

In the creation process of the tentacle rig, I tried multiple methods:

FK, Simple IK, several short IK driven by a longer IK, spline IK, and  the ribbon spline IK.

In the end I decide to use the ribbon spline IK method based on it's flexibility to rotate and accuracy to controll the deformation.

Considering the need of the animation creation, I also add three blend shapes on to it based on the real movement of octopus movement.

​I wrote a python script to automative the repetitive work of creating the rigging system for all the tentacles, the result comes out pretty good.

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